Angular 2 is terrible

“We used Angular 2 for our frontend. I was not involved in this decision, and I came to work on the frontend relatively late in the project. This post is not meant to be a comprehensive review of the framework, but rather a collection of observations after using it for a little more than two weeks. I don’t claim that using it for two weeks makes me an expert, and welcome any corrections, but for what it’s worth, I consider using Angular 2 one of the biggest mistakes for our project …

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How to pass data to JavaScript with Basset?

This article explains how to pass data from server PHP to JavaScript with Basset – better asset management for Laravel.

Sometimes you will want to pass data from server PHP to JavaScript but without API. It can be to preload data, or to pass some server specific data which shouldn’t be in API’s.

You can use Basset\Javascript class for that. Whatever you set on this class will be available from the browser JavaScript runtime.

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PhotoSwipe – Zoomable gallery with Touch Gestures

“Touch-friendly JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, without dependencies.”

Awesome responsive, mobile-first, image gallery library with support for pinch to zoom and close, swipe, browser history API, lazy loading, native html5 fullscreen, keyboard access, social sharing. It works on pretty much any browser.

To install with Bower:

bower install photoswipe