Angular 2 is terrible

“We used Angular 2 for our frontend. I was not involved in this decision, and I came to work on the frontend relatively late in the project. This post is not meant to be a comprehensive review of the framework, but rather a collection of observations after using it for a little more than two weeks. I don’t claim that using it for two weeks makes me an expert, and welcome any corrections, but for what it’s worth, I consider using Angular 2 one of the biggest mistakes for our project …

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Responsive Web Design Adoption, 2014

“Responsive Web Design is hot. Practically every company I speak to, around the globe, is either going responsive, has gone responsive, or – at the very least – giving it serious consideration. So, with all this buzz, how many websites are actually responsive?
To answer this question, I ran a test on the top 10,000 websites (per Alexa), and checked if they are responsive … ”

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Please fix Boston Globe

We love The Boston Globe, we read it and because we’re developers we always use it as one of the best examples of Responsive Web Design.

Today we noticed a design problem in footer. The footer is always glued to the left side of the browser screen and not aligned like the right side of the footer.

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PhotoSwipe – Zoomable gallery with Touch Gestures

“Touch-friendly JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, without dependencies.”

Awesome responsive, mobile-first, image gallery library with support for pinch to zoom and close, swipe, browser history API, lazy loading, native html5 fullscreen, keyboard access, social sharing. It works on pretty much any browser.

To install with Bower:

bower install photoswipe


Lorem Ipsum with Emmet for your Code Editor

If you’re using Emmet (Zen Coding) in your code editor, like Sublime Text, did you know that there is a great support for placeholder Lorem Ipsum text?

Type lorem and press TAB and you will see one paragraph of Lorem ipsum text. Thats great. But whats so awesome is that you can type out the number of the words with it so that you can get bigger or smaller placeholder text.

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