Lorem Ipsum with Emmet for your Code Editor

If you’re using Emmet (Zen Coding) in your code editor, like Sublime Text, did you know that there is a great support for placeholder Lorem Ipsum text?

Type lorem and press TAB and you will see one paragraph of Lorem ipsum text. Thats great. But whats so awesome is that you can type out the number of the words with it so that you can get bigger or smaller placeholder text.

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EditorConfig – Code Formatting Inconsistency Issue

I suppose that most of you in your daily developer lives experienced a problem of code formatting inconsistency between projects, individual developers and even teams.

Whether you were working on the outsourcing, side or general projects with developers from another company or your teammates, if the development standards were not set from the beginning, the problem starts to arise very quickly. This is a must for you and everyone around you if you want to keep your projects more humanly readable and maintainable.

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How to remove all local npm packages?

How to remove all local npm packages when you can’t remove packages because the path is to long or because of any other issue.

Open Terminal or Git Bash (which you get when you install Git for Windows), and navigate to folder from which you want to remove npm packages, and run:

for package in `ls node_modules`; do npm uninstall $package; done;

This will list all node_modules in the current directory and for each package in this list it will run npm uninstall for it.

So now you will have clean node_modules directory.