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Laravel Basset Status Update

A small update on Laravel Basset.

No need to worry, there were only a few updates because there was no major changes.

The original architecture with collection configuration is still the same and all internal dependencies have been updated. So Browserify, reactify, Babel and everything else is the latest version possible.

There was no API changes, so feel free to update laravel-basset npm package and just run build the same way as before.

Laravel Basset Starter has been updated to Laravel 5.1, you can install it with:

composer create-project thelegacy/laravel your-project-name dev-master

The latest 1.4.8 npm package version brings a small change that can improve build times in watch mode from 30% to 50%.


Angular 2 is coming sometime soon(?), and current example setups with Babel that you can find online require several babel plugins to be loaded, and properly setup.

We plan to support some default Angular 2 setup with flow types, dependency injection and other required polyfills or transpilers. Maybe even use TypeScript by default. So if you plan to use Angular 2, you will probably have no worries.

We have also found a way to improve production (minified/optimized) build times, but currently that can come with a small cost on file sizes.

So the coming updates are mostly going to be performance improvements with no API changes.