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How to setup Basset in Lumen Application?

Basset now supports Lumen applications also. With just a little setup you can run Basset with all the features as with regular Laravel installation.


Create your Lumen applicaton with:

composer create-project laravel/lumen --prefer-dist

This will create Lumen project in lumen folder. Now you need to install laravel-basset with npm package manager. Run:

npm install gulp laravel-basset

And if you have package.json file then run:

npm install gulp laravel-basset --save-dev

Now you will need to create a Gulpfile.js for Gulp, and a collections.js for your collections configuration.

Into your Gruntfile.js write:

var basset = require('laravel-basset');


And in your collections.json setup your first app collection:

  collections: {
    app: {
      browserify: true
      css: [

Add files your collection files to resources. Based on the configuration your files can be:


Install Basset through Composer with:

composer require thelegacy/basset

Now the only thing that is left is Lumen setup. Go into /bootstrap/app.php and add:

// For Livereload middleware

// And Basset Service provider

You will now need to create public/builds folder where the asset files will be built


Now you can build your app with:

gulp build

Start watch mode with:

gulp basset:watch

And use collections in views with:


You now have all setup for using Basset with the great Lumen framework, and you  can follow all the rest Basset articles.

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